Treating You Better

Regular Rehabilitation

We do have to get older and it is something that no one can avoid.

Unfortunately there are some things that go wrong with our bodies that won’t get better and will require management to ensure you can live your life to the full and enjoy every day feeling supported and looked after.

AMS Physio will act as your safety net if something goes wrong or we can regularly look after you to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to take on the world as you had always hoped to.  There is no need to live with those anxieties and fears of what will happen if the pain or problem returns again or if things begin to get worse.

Our regular rehabilitation service will help you to gain the confidence you need to do all the things you want to do by giving your back control of your life again.

Massage, acupuncture, manipulation, mobilisation, strengthening and stretches are all treatments that when delivered on a regular basis can ensure you can live life to the full.

Time is a precious and finite resource and it is important that any long-term problems are managed effectively to ensure they have the least impact upon our lives as possible.

Some problems simply don't stay away but everybody wants and deserves the opportunity to live their life to the fullest.

Our regular rehabilitation service is designed to ensure you continue to lead the life you love with the maximum degree of comfort possible.

AMS Physio is here to ensure you maintain your confidence to carry on doing the normal things you love.

We are here to diminish the anxiety when life stops being as fun and enjoyable experience as it always used to be.

We are here to ensure chores become pleasurable activities again.

We are here to ensure you can lead the full life you love.

In truth, if it was possible then healthcare would be free for all, but unfortunately that is not sustainable and so cost efficiency, ingenuity and constant progression are required.

Health is precious but it doesn't have to be expensive or even priceless. Our own values motivate our decisions, how strongly do you value your health? We can work with you to find the most cost effective way of keeping you active and leading an enjoyable, rewarding and healthy life.

AMS Physio.

Treating you better.