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Priority Pain Relief

It can be frustrating, and confusing when we don't know what the right thing to do is and more importantly what the wrong thing to do is, when we have pain.

It can be worrying not knowing what is causing our pain or how long it might last.

It is not usual for us to wait a long time before we finally admit we need some help and we feel guilty that we have left it so long.

It can be scary if you don't know what effects your pain, which movements can make you better and more worryingly, which movements can make you worse.

You are not alone and this is not an unusual situation for us to find ourselves in.

This is where knowledge and understanding make a huge difference and help you to feel better.  AMS Physio will thoroughly assess you to identify exactly what is causing your pain and more importantly what you can do to effect it. We will give you back control over your life.

Knowing whether to push the pain or rest a pain is fundamental to how fast you will get better.

Knowing what you can do to ease your pain can empower you to get better faster with the added bonus of making sure nothing lasts longer than is absolutely necessary.

But what is pain?

We classify pain as being acute or chronic.  The difference is simply how long the pain has lasted and directs us towards the underlying cause of this pain creation.

The brain and particularly the limbic system of the brain plays a significant role in how we experience our pain.

Knowledge and understanding improve our ability to control our pain which leads to our speedier recovery.

Control of a pain alongside a return to our normal activities is one of the keys to a rapid and sustained recovery.

Priority Pain Relief

Our priority pain relief service starts with your thorough assessment. We will aim to identify the cause of your pain, deliver a diagnosis for you so you can start taking back control. Knowledge empowers you and us into making accurate decisions.

Our priority pain relief service then utilises the specific treatments that target your pain and have a proven pain relieving effect.

We get you back in control of your pain so that you can recover just as fast as is possible. We will help you get rid of those sleepless nights that sap you of your motivation and energy. We will help you get back to the life you always wanted to lead rather than the one you are having to put up with right now.

We will deliver to you the treatment you need so you can start to feel 10 years younger and invincible, just like you used to be when you were happy.

The moral of the story.

The sooner you can be seen, the sooner you can be diagnosed.

The sooner you have a diagnosis, the sooner you will regain control.

The sooner you start to gain control, the sooner you will start to recover.

Ultimately the sooner you actively start to get better, the faster you will recover and lessen the likelihood of anything becoming a longer term chronic pain.

Act sooner rather than later to ensure your lasting recovery.

AMS Physio.

Treating you better.