Treating You Better



One who is first or among the earliest in any field or inquiry, enterprise, or activity

AMS Physio is not like other private physiotherapy practices, yes we a chartered physiotherapists and yes we are specialists in the treatment of pain for the over 35's, but the methods with which we go about our work. the services that we offer and the attention to detail with which we review and learn is very different to other private practices. We have developed our services using the experiences gained through treating more than 22 000 clients, delivering more than 100 000 treatments for more than a decade.

AMS Physio has developed a clear purpose to the service it delivers to each unique client that we help.

We are constantly striving to get better and more efficient at delivering our services.

AMS Physio delivers three distinct services, Priority Pain Relief, Performance & Prevention and Regular Rehabilitation. Services designed around our clients, individuals just like you, to ensure you receive not only the treatment but the experience and outcome you are searching for, from experienced and specialised practitioners.

If you are in pain then our priority pain relief service is for you.

We use evidence based treatments and research driven techniques that will ensure you of the best opportunity to start feeling happier and more confident, as you gain control over your pain and more importantly you are released from any reliance you might have on painkillers. As you gain knowledge and understanding, you become empowered to self-manage and control your pain, set alongside our treatment, your natural healing processes can flourish and take over.

We are specialists that are driven to ensure you get back to the life you used to lead, feeling refreshed because you can sleep again and feeling 10 years younger because your pain is under control.  Back to being invincible and feeling capable of taking on the world again.

If you are injured following an activity, hobby or exercise then our performance & prevention service is for you.

You might be looking for the peace of mind that being one step ahead of an injury can give you or you could be looking to get rid of the frustration of not being able to take part in your favourite hobby or sports.

There is no need to put up with niggling injuries and pains when we don’t have to, so it is important to be empowered into getting back on top of your activities and feeling like a winner again.

We do have to get older and it is something that no one can avoid.  Unfortunately there are some things that go wrong with our bodies that won’t get better and will require management to ensure you can live your life to the full and enjoy every day feeling supported and looked after. Our regular rehabilitation service is for you.

AMS Physio will act as your safety net if something goes wrong or we can regularly look after you to provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to take on the world as you had always hoped to.  There is no need to live with those anxieties and fears of what will happen if the pain or problem returns again or if things begin to get worse.

Our regular rehabilitation service will help you to gain the confidence you need to do all the things you want to do by giving your back control of your life again.

AMS Physio.

Treating you better.