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Performance & Prevention

There are fine lines between the ecstasy of winning and the despair of losing.

There are fine lines between enjoying life because we can do the hobbies and activities we love and being robbed of simple pleasures just because we are either getting older or struggle with recurring injuries.

Everybody wants to take part in life and not sit on the side lines watching it pass by. Sport teaches us that can't always win and there will always be winners and losers in every walk of life. The most important part is that we are at least taking part and we have done everything possible to be at our best.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see into the future? To know what might happen and when. We might not like what we saw but at least we would have time to do something about it, get ourselves prepared and we might, if we were fortunate, be able to change the future for the better. The biggest problem though is the simple fact that at this point in time we can’t see into the future or know for sure what might happen next month, next year or even in an hours’ time for that matter, so here the big question;

If we do something today to improve tomorrow for the better, how do we know if it worked?

How do you know if what you do today is really affecting tomorrow? How can you measure change when you don’t know what has altered?

It’s not easy and so the skill of injury prevention is very hard to quantify. An injury is by definition something unwanted, probably unexpected, caused by an overload of some description and most probably and accident. So how do you prevent the unexpected from happening?

Well by now I’m sure you get the picture that it is almost impossible to define best practice in prevention since we cannot measure what doesn’t happen.

So how can you prevent Injury?

We utilise the principle of enhancing the performance is followed and hence the name of this service that we offer Performance and Prevention. If your body is performing to its very best or improving its performance both from a physical and mental perspective, then the likelihood of injury can be decreased, and the extent of injury lessened so decreasing the impact of injury time and time again.

So here are the facts;

If you have a worry about getting hip or knee arthritis spoiling your future, maybe you are concerned about losing your ability to enjoy countryside walking or simply walking the dog on sunny afternoon or playing with the grandchildren then our performance and prevention service is for you. We can provide you with the guidance or even the answers and improvements you are looking for. You see the one fact that is undisputed about the human body is that it has the ability to repair damage of its own accord and improve in response to imposed demands, it displays plasticity. Your brain will learn new ways, new methods of movement and new options to accomplish the tasks that you demand of it. The trick is to make sure that the mechanism employed by the body is the most efficient and long term optimal one and that is where we come in.

We can analyse the movements of your joints and muscles, test the controls of that movement and optimise the processes being utilised by your body. We can help you to correct the dynamic nature of change and gain better control of your movements. This will in turn help to minimise muscular fatigue, activate and strengthen appropriate parts of your body and improve joint flexibility which will help with long term nutrition and health of the joints. We can help to improve the flexibility of stiff joints, the stability and control around hypermobile joints. We help to improve your day to day performance which will help to prevent and slow the changes associated with the ageing process of your joints and the vulnerability to injury when you are living your life to the full.

In a nutshell, all we have to achieve is improve your movement control, stability, flexibility and strength and we can rest assured that we will have a better time now and an improved future.

But who is this service for?

Well this certainly is not a service for everyone. We only work with people who are willing to take action. You must be looking for a better future and ready to be supported and guided to a better place. If you are not able to take the action, we ask of you then this just won’t work for either of us.

The type of clients who we have seen do really well with this service and achieve significant change are generally active right now and have started to pick up episodes of niggles that pass quickly but are just irritating enough when they are present to affect the day to day enjoyment of life.

We work with people who are enjoying their sports at levels that vary from professional to weekend regulars, we see people who have active hobbies. Some of our clients are avid gym goers, some of our clients see clients who might have a family history of something that concerns them. The backgrounds of our clients vary considerably BUT the one thing that they all have in common is that they are prepared to make a change today to ensure a better tomorrow. They are prepared to take action today for a benefit another day. They are the type of individual who is willing to take calculated and measured action today to ensure their future can be the best it can be.

So if this sounds like you or you would like to learn more about how you can apply for access to our performance and prevention expert service then simply call us on 03300 102 215 and we will arrange for you to see one of our experts who will help to establish whether we can work together to produce the future you dream of.  

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