Treating You Better

The Truth Of The Matter

All chartered physiotherapy clinics should be providing bespoke tailored treatment programs to clients.

All chartered physiotherapy clinics should be delivering on the promises that are made to clients and

All chartered physiotherapy clinics should be educating patients as to how you can help yourself get better and set the expectations and timescales for your recovery.

You will be hard pressed to find a private practice that doesn't have a philosophy that involves quality, excellence and high care standards.

The problem is, how do you know if this is really going to be the case for you?

What's more, as professional as the practitioner is, how do you know if they really have the experience and the skills to deliver the best or most effective treatment for you?

The National Health Service is finding it increasingly difficult to fund outpatient physiotherapy services. Longer waiting lists and tighter restrictions due to monetary pressures together with an ageing and growing population is placing an even greater demand upon the NHS services available. What does this mean? More and more of us will turn to private physiotherapy establishments when we are desperate, in pain and simply cannot wait any longer to be seen. So, how do you choose the professional to help you?

The philosophy of AMS Physio is about diversity. 

Diversity of clinical skills within the AMS Physio group facilitates the dissemination of experiences and knowledge throughout the team to help ensure that you can be seen by someone who has the experience or the ability to access the experience that you might require.

Collaboration within the team to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment to get you better and keep you better.

It is very difficult for smaller private practices to call upon multiple sources of experiences let alone invite another clinician or clinical specialist to review you if for some reason you are not responding to treatment as anticipated or expected.

AMS Physio has the resources and the team to deliver the collaboration when required.

If you are looking for the right practitioner for you with a specific knowledge or skill then we could well have the clinician you are looking for.

You will experience treatment options sensitively delivered, discussed with honesty that help you to establish your understanding and confidence which will help to speed your recovery.

Treatment is not just about getting you better as fast as possible, but our philosophy is to ensure you are capable of staying better.

AMS Physio offers a diverse range of payment options to ensure the affordability of your health. You may wish to pay for each treatment in turn, purchase a block of treatment sessions or join our health plan scheme. Depending upon your concerns we can tailor the financial package to your needs and abilities.

Meticulous attention to detail and thoroughness ensures that you are treated better.

From the moment you book with us through to the treatment you receive we will care for you, address every concern you might have and ensure we deliver your cure rather than simply delivering treatment.

You will remain in control of all the decisions that are made to help you get better just as fast as you can. Individually designed treatment programs are tailored towards your individual priorities and we offer appointment times that will hopefully suit your lifestyle.

AMS Physio is here to ensure you receive the highest level of effective and evidence based treatments so that you can get a better, stay better and more importantly feel better.

AMS Physio, delivering cures so that you can stop searching for treatment.

AMS Physio.

Treating you better.