Treating You Better

Part Three: Our Community

Support the NHS.

Promote health.

We are one of the most fortunate countries in the world to have an institution such as the NHS. Regardless of means, our lives are in safe hands and cared for locally.

The NHS has its struggles like any institution and we must all help in some way. We must all do what is right to protect it, nurture it and help it through tough times.

We must all take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, and as a health professional we must support and encourage each other to stay fitter, stronger and healthier.

A Most Magnificent Institution.

See how we work with the NHS to support our local communities.

Without doubt sport and the participation in sport has so much to offer us all.

From the obvious health benefits, psychological wellbeing and personal development sport is simply one of the best teacher of all.

At AMS Physio, we will work with you and your club to help keep you healthy and happy along with supporting your club and their members.

Find out about our local support here.