Treating You Better

AMS Physiotherapy First Appointment

My first appointment - What happens next?

You should aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early as you will be required to complete a new patient form prior to your assessment. It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing, depending on the area of the body you are being treated for, it may be necessary to undress to your underwear so many patients like to bring a vest and shorts to change into.

Make sure you bring all health insurance paperwork if you are planning to claim on your health insurance for the cost of treatment and remember some health policies require a GP referral so it is advisable to call your health insurance provider and ask of any terms and conditions in your policy, otherwise you may be liable for the cost of treatment.

Your first appointment will normally last for up to an hour, and consists of a 30 minute assessment and if needed 30 minutes of treatment/rehabilitation.  During the assessment, the physiotherapist will assess you to gather a full understanding of what might be wrong and what is causing it, your physiotherapist should be able to provide you with a full diagnosis during this time and a treatment programme will be drawn out for you between yourself and the physiotherapist. If you require and wish to proceed with physiotherapy treatment, we would normally conduct 30 minutes of treatment right away within your 60 minute appointment. Your physiotherapist will then book in any follow up appointments with you within the next few days for a continuation of treatment.

Checklist for first appointment:

  • X-rays or medical referral letters.
  • Details of health insurance policies you wish to claim on.
  • Details of your referring doctor or GP.
  • Change of clothes, i.e vest and shorts.
  • Payment method, i.e cash, cheque book or credit card.