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AMS Physiotherapy Therapeutic Sports Massage.

Many people presume that sports massage is solely for aspiring athletes, this is not the case. Sports massage or deep tissue massage is beneficial to anyone. Whilst many of the techniques may have been developed via the sporting environment the benefit is for all. From the active club athlete through to the elite athlete, Sports massage both pre and post event can provide significant benefits for the individuals. Pre event work can help to prepare the individuals mind body and soul in readiness for the task ahead. Post event work will reduce the likely hood of injury and allow the individual to recover ready for the next event.

For those who may have muscle issues, that are not sport related, there are still huge benefits. With many individuals sat at a computer day in and day out, tension will build up in the upper back and neck. This can in turn lead to the shoulders becoming slightly rounded. If left untreated this can lead to chronic issues. Sports massage will provide an excellent form of relief in most cases.

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