Display Screen Equipment Assessment

AMS Physiotherapy DSE Assessments

At AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists are qualified to carry out Display Screen Equipment Assessments.

Many employers and employees are completely unaware of the impact on health that a poorly arranged work station can have.

A poorly equipped and arranged work station is a major contributing factor in the development of many work-related upper limb disorders (WRULDs). Conditions can be both short and long term but in most cases cause a lot of avoidable pain, discomfort and stress. Other associated symptoms include temporary eyestrain and headaches, and fatigue/stress.

The hazards associated with Display Screen Equipment work stations must therefore be properly assessed so that they are adequately equipped and adjustable to suit the user's needs.

Please call our Display Screen Equipment Assessment team, who will be happy to answer any questions you have and book an appointment to come and visit your office for an assessment. You will be sent a report following the visit with any recommendations or changes that need to be put into practice. We recommend Display Screen Equipment Assessments are carried out annually, or sooner if any pain or discomfort is raised, to ensure your staff are working in a safe environment.

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