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AMS Physio Highbridge

Introducing AMS Physio Highbridge

We are chartered physiotherapists who specialise in the treatment and removal of pain.

Typically our clients are 40 years and older, suffering from an injury that is stopping them leading the life they love.

We will reduce the pain, empower you to help yourself and guide you back to doing what you love.

We will help you get better, stay better and live the life you had hoped for, free from the limitations dictated by your pain.

Welcome to AMS Physio Highbridge.

If you are looking for effective specialist physio treatment in Highbridge then we can help you.

AMS Physiotherapy Highbridge, located in the Highbridge Medical Centre, was opened by the AMS physiotherapy group in 2014. One of the most recent additions to the group, the clinic opened in October 2014 and we are excited to be able to provide bespoke and tailored physiotherapy treatment to the local community of Highbridge.

AMS Physiotherapy delivers personally tailored physiotherapy treatment in Highbridge.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of evidenced based physio treatment from quality, individual and private treatment rooms, conveniently located for access and parking, with appointment times designed to accommodate the modern and busy lifestyles of our patients.

We utilise modern technology to help deliver to you the best services we can, appointment reminder text messages, automated telephone calling systems and online booking systems, designed to help you receive the physio treatment in Highbridge you require to help get you better as smoothly and efficiently as is humanly possible.

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AMS Physio Highbridge Location.

Your convenient Highbridge physiotherapy clinic.

Contact Details

T: 01278 588618


A: Highbridge Medical Centre, Pepperall Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3YA.

Opening Hours

8:45 to 5:30
8:45 to 5:30
8:45 to 5:30
8:45 to 5:30
8:45 to 5:30


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