AMS Physiotherapy Client Testimonies

This is what our clients have to say...

  • "I didn't know if I should see an Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist? I am glad I chose AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. I left pain free following my only treatment and I also know how to stop the pain from coming back again. What a bargain!"

Mr. I, aged 52

  • My GP recommended AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic to me and I'm very pleased she did. Three treatments and my neck pain had gone. I could feel it was so much better after the first treatment."

Mrs. K, aged 53

  • "The Physiotherapist I saw at AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was true to her word, she told me what she thought was causing my pain and that she also felt she couldn't help and I should be seen by a consultant. She spoke to my doctor and I was referred the next day."

Mr. P, aged 28

  • "I was pleased someone actually listened to me, explained why I had my back pain and then showed me what I could do to try and control it whilst it got better."

Mrs. T, aged 44

  • "I'd been putting off seeing anyone for months, I didn't want to admit I had a problem. One treatment from AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was all it took and I have been free of my pain since."

Mrs. M, aged 35

  • "I would highly recommend anyone who was unsure about who they should see, to make contact with AMS Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. They listen and explain things very clearly and I felt very comfortable with the treatment and the help that I received."

Mrs. L, aged 38

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